About me


I’m a Melbourne-based speculative fiction writer and doctor. My family immigrated from Malaysia to Australia before my first birthday. In 2012, I completed medicine with honours at the University of Melbourne.  I’m currently working and specialising in psychiatry.

I’m extremely enthusiastic about:

  • Outer space
  • Thinking about where people come from and where we’re all going
  • Stroking/smelling books
  • Practising amateur philosophy
  • Increasing the diversity of voices in SF&F
  • Caffeine

My short fiction can be found in Going Down Swinging: Pigeonholed and Verge Uncanny. My novella, ‘The Ship of Theseus,’ has been shortlisted for Seizure’s Viva la Novella VII.

I was the overall winner of the Writers Victoria 30th Anniversary Flash Fiction Challenge.

I am writing the sprawling intergalactic world of Ascendant Space with Warp Games.

I am represented by Jacinta Di Mase Management.