My writing


The Misplaced Giant
Issue 255, AntipodeanSF

1000 words. A light-hearted flash fiction piece about Big Ted, who never fit in.

The Mark
Verge: Uncanny (Monash University Publishing, Jun 2019)

3000 words. A psychological horror story that explores the intersection between power and madness. Something is wrong with Emma’s husband, and she’s determined to figure it out.

I move my hand, close the three inches, press our pinkies together. His skin is as cold as dead meat. James moves his hand away, unconsciously, still talking.

The Dunes of Ranza
Going Down Swinging: Pigeonholed (Going Down Swinging, Nov 2018)

3200 words. A post-colonial far future sci-fi story. When Orin’s ship crash-lands on a forgotten planet, she has a chance encounter that could change the fate of an entire people.

Ula raised a slender finger towards my nose. “You are what?”

“That’s a big question. I’m a human. Mostly female, five per cent artificial. Born on Earth, believe it or not. Dad was an elitist. I’m a Beaconer.”


Writers Victoria 30th Anniversary Flash Fiction Challenge: April 4th and Overall Winner
Seizure’s Viva la Novella VII: Shortlisted for my novella, The Ship of Theseus.


I’m collaborating with Warp Games to create the intergalactic world of Ascendant Space. You can read the mini-stories I’ve written for the Torturers, Bankers, Engineers and Junkers Guilds here.