The Dunes of Ranza – Artwork and Reprint!

In November 2018, my first ever publication appeared in Going Down Swinging: Pigeonholed—an pulpy, paperback ode-to-genre by a Melbourne-based literary publisher.

This tale was The Dunes of Ranza, a post-colonial far-future sci-fi story with some of my favourite things—a cybernetically enhanced gender-bending bounty hunter, a love-hate sidekick relationship with wry banter, and questions about power, class, and humanity’s progress.

I’m so thrilled to share that The Dunes of Ranza will be reprinted in the Spring 2021 issue (#140, due out March 20) of Space and Time Magazine. Thank you, Angela Yuriko Smith, for the acceptance! Also, how awesome is the Space and Time Magazine logo and website design?!

Illustration by Bren Luke Art for Dunes of Ranza, in Going Down Swinging #39: Pigeonholed

The original publication was accompanied by an illustration from Bren Luke Art, a Ballarat-based artist who creates restrained, atmospheric, technical pen-and-ink pieces, inspired by the works of 16th century engraver Albrecht Durer and various underground comic book artists.

I was honoured to have Bren bring to life the landscape of Ranza and the Telemar sun. Bren was kind enough to send me a print of the artwork (below), which I’m planning to frame and hang in my study.

Print of The Dunes of Ranza, by Bren Luke Art

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